Style-Delights: Graduation Week Outfit Ideas - Shine With Gold and Silver

April 29, 2011

Graduation Week Outfit Ideas - Shine With Gold and Silver

As my dear husband and his friends of 2011 MBA class at Kellogg prepare to graduate this June, their spouses and partners are preparing for the preceding events and parties! I hear with excitement the shopping excursions of JVs ((yes, they call the spouse/partner of student JV - Joint Venture!!) to find that perfect gown or dress for the the sought after Navy Pier cruise and the graduation ball. As for my personal style, I am in favor of keeping the dress simple and add the glamour with accessories. And what better way to add glamour to any outfit with the gold or silver accessories! Although a bright gold shoe or a shining silver handbag may look overwhelming, but if tastefully paired with the dress, it can bring the old world charm in an instant!
Here are seven looks I created with silver and gold accessories. The dresses are in most basic colors and cuts, with varying styles - from regal to formal to downright casual! And you could find similar cut and color of dresses in most stores, from designer brand names to more affordable ones!
Tell me what you think?

1. Little White Dress

Get This Look -

2. The Black Gown

Get This Look - 

3. Bursting With Color

Get This Look -

4. The Jumpsuit Glam

Get This Look -

5. The Royal Blue

Get This Look -

6. Lady In  Red

Get This Look -

7. Long story 'Short'

Get This Look-

So shine and sparkle and make this a day (or night) to remember! Happy shopping!


  1. Jyoti,
    This post was 'wow'! yeah - the best to date.
    I loved all your suggestions, especially the jumpsuit. This style suits me best because I am all for comfort wearing. :)

    And yeah - like the all-white new look of your blog.

    Keep it up, lady!

  2. Jyo i like the first offwhite and gold combination and also the lady in red combination.

  3. I like Lady in Red collection.I think it is a better idea for party dress up.


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