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November 1, 2013

Style Trend : Sweatshirts, Revived

Vogue's fashion news director once said about sweatshirt that it is "what you wore before you knew how to style yourself at summer camp and gym class. It’s the sweater worn by the skinny teenage boy you had a crush on.” Well, it seems like that skinny teenage boy has grown into a dream boat! The unassuming sweatshirt, likewise, is turning out to be a style surprise.  It is not the boring old piece of garment without any personality anymore. The sweatshirt, my friends, is having a moment. From bejeweled necklines to pretty lace and florals, sweatshirt  is your new wardrobe basic that goes with everything! Here are some styles that you will love, splurge or save, choice is yours!
Embellished Sweatshirts: Splurge / Save

Floral Sweatshirts: Splurge / Save

Leather Accent Sweatshirts: Splurge / Save

Varsity Sweatshirts : Splurge / Save

Lace Sweatshirts: Splurge / Save

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  1. Loving the sweatshirt look! Happy weekend girl

    xo Mel
    turquoise blonde

  2. Lovely the floreal sweatshirt!
    Video outfit recap YOUTUBE

  3. I like your Embellished Sweatshirts.. I would highly recommend the Jerzees sweatshirts..

  4. Loved everything. Specially ladylike and florals. Goes with almost anything.


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