Style-Delights: Celebrate The Season With Target #MyKindOfHoliday

November 13, 2013

Celebrate The Season With Target #MyKindOfHoliday

I have to say, this time of the year is my favorite part of the whole year! The fall colors, festivals, the magical time of Holiday Season! And in a country as multicultural as USA, the festivities of Holiday Season are beyond exciting. Every year (usually in in October) we celebrate Diwali - the Indian festival of light signifying the win of goodness over evil. For over a decade, since we moved to US, we have also been celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas. As a young family, we are still in the process of making our own traditions and rituals for the Holidays. Mili loves to decorate the tree and write the letter to Santa! I think a child's innocent belief is the most treasured part of any parent's life that makes everything more enriching. The Polar express ride in Hope, Pennsylvania is also becoming our newest Christmas tradition! If you have not been there with your family, you should try this year. The train ride complete with Christmas songs, hot chocolate and Santa's visit to your seat is just magical! You can tell him if you have been good, and what you'd like this year!:)
We are planning to drive to Virginia to be with our friends to celebrate Thanksgiving (or as we call it Friendsgiving). I am looking forward to lots of good food, great conversation and a great deal of laughter!
I believe every festival signifies the importance of faith, love, peace and the value of family. A chance to reconnect, rejoice, cherish and celebrate with those we love. But all the preparation that goes into celebrating the Holidays can sometimes be overwhelming! The decoration, the table setting, the DRESS! Fortunately, there is Target, to take the burden off of you and help you enjoy the season! Now, that is something to be thankful for!!
Let's start with the dining table. After all, that is the epicenter of Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving! Target has exclusive dinnerware, cookware, table setting accents and beautiful glassware that will bring elegance to your table in an instant. I am also loving the festive and traditional appetizer plates from Target Til the Season Serveware Collection.  The touch of luxury and tradition on an affordable price - CHECK!
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Holidays are also a perfect time for updating the home decor. The Home section of Target is the treasure trove of gorgeous wall decor pieces, accent mirrors, patterned cushions, rugs and flower arrangements and candles. From Holiday figurines to bring the cheer to your house to beautiful throws and pillows for making it feel cozy, Target has a lot of quick and easy ways to deck the home this season.

Of course, who can forget the outfits! Whether you are a host or a guest, looking your best has never been easier or more affordable!! Target also has some great LBDs that you can dress up or down. Add faux fur wrap or a statement necklace and you are ready to shine!! The Pave collection of necklace and bracelets has my heart aflutter! (This beautiful chain link bracelet is under $20!!) 

And to capture the moments and savor those heartwarming memories of the holidays, these photo frames are just perfect. I am so excited to make a trip to my Target (and shop online) to celebrate the Holiday season!

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza (or festivas with Costanzas!), Target has got you covered! Oh, don't forget to like the Facebook page for Target and TargetStyle to receive news about sale, discounts and exclusive offers. Follow Target on Twitter (@Target and @TargetStyle) to get the latest scoop of best Holiday shopping! Join the conversation, share your own Holiday memories, traditions, shopping and how you are gearing up for the season on instagram and twitter with hashtag #MyKindOfHoliday

I wish you all have a joyous Holiday season - no matter festival you are celebrating!
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  1. This post gets me so excited for the holidays!! I absolutely adore this time of year....the spreading of cheer and spending time with family and all the holiday decor of course!! :)

  2. yay for the holidays. Loved this post so much. xo

  3. amazing!

    Lots of love from the casper&pearl girls,
    casper&pearl blog xo

  4. I don't know what I'd do without Target during the holidays---especially their bargain aisle in the front, with stocking stuffers for $1. Whatever I'm running out of during the season, I know I'll be able to find it there!


  5. God Bless Target and all family and friends! This time of year is so special!

  6. nice! would you like to follow each other? just let me know. XX

  7. make me activate Christmas mood already here =) pretty sets !

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  9. so amazing, dear! love the post)
    what do you think about following each other? just let me know)
    keep in touch, xoxo
    love, Yulia

  10. Oh, I can't wait for the Holidays!! You got me motivated to visit Target this afternoon! <3

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  11. Hope you had a wonderful Diwali celebration, amazing ideas!

  12. I love your picks!! I am in the middle of organizing after a move and all I can think is that I need everything to be done by Thanksgiving so that I can decorate for Christmas!! These are some great picks. I love the rich colors and fun table settings!

  13. Love this! From hearing about how you blend old and new traditions to your love of Target and all the great ways we can dress ourselves and our homes.

  14. i can't wait for holiday! love the way you turn the cultural celebration in a new way! it looks so fun :D


  15. Holiday, holiday, holiday. I can't wait for it. Thanks for sharing so nice things. Wish all of you have a nice holiday.
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  16. Target always has the perfect decor and the holidays are no exception. Great post!



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