Style-Delights: A Walker's Guide To Winter Wardrobe Essentials

December 30, 2011

A Walker's Guide To Winter Wardrobe Essentials

If your mode of transport requires you to actually walk to reach it, or you live in a city where sidewalks are used more than the roads (or you simply plan to put that pedometer to work), you need to have little more than a pair of gloves in your winter weather essentials! Living in the suburbia years ago, I never paid much attention to "winter preparedness". My trusty car would take me wherever I wanted to go and a coat+scarf combo would be my winter wear! But past couple years of treading the cold (and sometimes snowy) city sidewalks of Chicago and New York made me realize that city dwellers have their own need of winter must-haves! Here is a list of the winter weather essentials every chic walker should have!
  • Cross body bag- With heavy outerwear, shoulder bag sometimes becomes a hassle, specially if you have other stuff to carry or an energetic kid trying to escape from your grip!

  • Layering Tees - Layering the basic long sleeves T-shirts protects better and doesn't look bulky!

  • Fingerless gloves with mitten cover - Oh, the train is here and you gotta swipe the metrocard NOW - no need to fumble with gloved fingers. Just move the mitten cap!

  • Fleece lined tights/leggings - Winter weather doesn't mean giving up on skirts or dresses! You just need warmer options for the legs! With the fleece lined leggings and tights you can be chic and warm when mercury drops way down!

  • Ear Muffs - This one is the really the must must-have! Your ears will thank you for a cozy pair of muffs or earbands!

  • Snow Boots - A pair of sturdy snowboots for those times when snow removal from the sidewalk is delayed!

  • Sunscreen - We all slather it during the summer, but the during the winter we take the sun protection lightly because it doesn't feel hot outside! Even though we are covered up during winter, we need the sunscreen, specially people who walk outside. And remember snow reflects 80%of the UV light that hits it!

  • Lip balm with SPF - Even the avid sunscreen user usually neglect the lips when it comes to sun damage. If you are outside in dry, cold weather, not only do you need a conditioning lip balm but you need a lip balm with SPF 10-15 or more!

What is on your winter weather 'walking' essentials list?


  1. Hi! Found you on IFB. I completely agree with these tips. I really love that Audrey Brooke Dolce Color Block Cross Body bag.


  2. I LOVE living somewhere cold enough to wear ear muffs :) This is a great list, just bought some fleece-lined leggings and they are the best!x

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