Style-Delights: Tia & Tamera And Lessons In 'Having It All'!

July 9, 2013

Tia & Tamera And Lessons In 'Having It All'!

I am not a big reality TV fan as most of the time it doesn't feel 'real' but there are some shows that suck me in with the story line that I really can relate to!! Style Network's Tia & Tamera is one such show that tells the story of  two sisters who are juggling the same things like many of us regular women do - like the family, kids, career and being their own person! They are striving for the proverbial 'work-life balance' that all of us are too! I got on to the series from the get go, given the cheerful, happy, funny and stylish personalities of twin sisters Tia Mowry Hardrict and Tamera Mowry-Housley and as the show progressed, I realized why the show is as popular as it is! It tells the tale of not only the Mowry sisters but thousands of women who are not only going through the same emotions and  same hurdles but overcome them with same tenacity as Tia & Tamera! The only difference is they deal with it all with a crew of cameras following their every move! (Aren't we happy that we are the audience of the show and not the members!!LOL!)

The light-hearted, playful and warm show has its 3rd season premiere on July 14th, on Style at 8/7 central! If you have not watched it before, it is the perfect time to start and catch up all the fun! Things are about to heat up y'all!
A wise woman once told me "You can not have it all at once, but you can have it all eventually!" That woman was Oprah Magazine's beauty editor Val Monroe, who was referring to her own journey as a full time mom and a busy magazine editor and how she balanced being both in her life. The show Tia & Tamera underscores the fact that we actually can have it all, (even in installments!) and enjoy it too. My own personal experience from a full time professional to stay at home mom to being a free lance writer/ blogger has taught me that having fun is more important than trying to have it all! Tia and Tamera are having fun in whatever are doing and that shines thru in their show as well!
My mantra for managing motherhood, wifehood (oh, believe me, it is a word!), my blog and my life is just enjoy every moment and keep a positive attitude- it is all about seeing the glass half full for me! You may have to run in 5 inch heels with a stroller with a broken wheel, but hey, at least it is not raining! But this attitude sometimes requires a certain someone who helps you see the light among the darkest of days! For me my husband is that someone. He tells me quite often, everything will be okay! And it often does:-) Do you have a someone in your life you is your other side of life-coin? The one who is your  you '&'?? If you do, tell about him/her/it via Style Network 'Who is your &' instagram sweepstake and you can win $2000!!!


To know more about Tia & Tamera's other halves Cory Hardrict and Adam Housely and more information on the show, see the show homepage here!
For the adorable baby Aden photos and baby Cree photos, see the photo gallery!
Make sure to tune in for the season premier of Tia &Tamera on Sunday, June 14th 8/7 central on Style Network! For the $2000 sweepstake, check out Style Network on instagram!

*Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Style Network. 


  1. great article

  2. Seems like good show ! Would definitely watch it.

  3. I didnt know about this show, must be very nice from what you say!:) Kisses Jyoti, have a good day! xo

  4. amazing video

  5. Amazing post :)
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    xx Sofie

  6. I've never actually seen a whole show, but have seen bits and pieces of it, and the two sisters are high-la-rious! Will try to see a full show next time.
    Have a happy Hump Day, Jyoti!

  7. I used to watch Sister, Sister back in the day :) Love these two!

    The Tiny Heart

  8. Lovely post. Yes, my "Mr" always manages to make me see that it's not that my glass is half full, but that I should be grateful I even have a glass!
    Thankfully I am a very optimistic person and so I don't need convincing often ;-)
    Have a lovely week x

  9. I've always browsed by their reality show on tv but never really got down to watching it properly, Will check it out next time.Thanks so much for your kind thoughts on my last post :)

  10. I like their idea of the "who's your &?" because in life a good friend/sibling/mate is almost as essential as breathing
    * MlleWanderlust ✡

  11. This looks like an interesting show!

  12. I entered! Crossing my fingers! I could USE that 2k!


  13. I totally agree with "you can never have it all". We can only make the best out of what we have. Tia & Tamera are both funny and they've definitely grown up =)

  14. I love them!!! i did not know they had a reality show!
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