Style-Delights: Shoe Innovation: Orthaheel

July 17, 2013

Shoe Innovation: Orthaheel

I have often wondered how come we have sent man on the moon, but still have to go through pain to wear beautiful shoes! Often times gorgeous looking shoes actually can cause long term problems. Do you know heels can even reshape the calf muscles and tendons, shortening them so that women who wear heels often may find it uncomfortable to walk flat-footed. But sadly we still pick vanity over comfort because we often think comfortable shoes mean plain shoes! And once you have experienced back/feet pains, it is almost impossible to wear any kind of shoes for longer period. But Orthaheel shoes are here to change all that!  One look (and feel) at Orthaheel shoes, and you will discard the 'comfort equals plain' theory! With award-winning Orthaheel technology and podiatrist designed styles, Orthaheel shoes have been helping people struggling with heel, knee and lower back pain for over two decades. The best part - these shoes look trendy and stylish at the same time! I had the chance to sample their comfort myself and I can't tell you how comfortable Orthaheel sandals are! The compliments I get when I wear them (stay tuned for my style post!) is the bonus! Check out to see for yourself how the revolutionary technique of Orthaheel is bringing style to comfort (or comfort to style) one foot at a time! Is that collective sigh of relief I hear??
For summer, Orthaheel has got some beautiful sandals and flipflops that look great and feel even better!
Maxi - Topshop
Hat - Michael Star
 Necklace - Monet
Bag - JCrew
Sandal - Orthaheel
The fun, flirty flip flops and thong sandals are some of my favorites! The problem is - how can I pick just one pair?
Fleur Toe Post sandals - Orthaheel
Planning a chic vacation? My advice - pack one of these trendy pair of flip flops - for the beach, to sight seeing (perfect for continuous walking!), to just lounge around on a boat, Hampton shoes are a summer must have! Which one you choose?
Hampton Toe Post sandal - Orthaheel
If you believe we have a choice to demand comfort and style at the same time, please pin the above images so that the comfort of beautiful shoes can be shared with others!! :-)

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  1. Very beautiful and the ortha-heel sounds very good, many people do need this!! Hope you are having a great week doll xx

  2. True..even i try to stay away frm heels..! These seem to be a good option.

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  3. Wow, their shoes are really cute! I have bunions and so need to find a brand that is super chic, and stylish for certain days where I am on my feet a lot! I'm glad you recommended this place and I will check them out for sure! I hope your week is going well so far dear and talk soon!!! Stop by soon. I have a new post and would love for you to vote for me if you can!!! xx Pip

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  4. nice shoes
    Maybe we can follow each other !?
    Just let me know :)

  5. These shoes are awesome jyoti. Since I have sole problem, I know what it feels like to get right kind if shoe for aching foot. Are they affordable? If so pls quote price.

  6. Those shoes are so pretty and perfect for the summer. Love this look too.

  7. Looks so pretty! Love it :)

  8. Very beautiful summer outfit ;)

    I follow you beautiful blog. I hope you will follow me back and I will wait for you on my blog

  9. I seriously had no idea about all this... lol.. I wear heels to work but other than that, I LIVE in flip flops and flats :)

    I Pink i Love You

  10. Love the casual hat. I have orthotic inserts for my shoes - my Doctor cautions against wearing heels all the time!

  11. Such a lovely post! I really love everything, you're so chic as always.

    Into The Blush, a Beauty Blog by Kenny.

  12. I m in love with maxi dress ^^

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    Nice comments
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