Style-Delights: Get With The Times: Oral Care Revamped With 'hello' Products

July 22, 2013

Get With The Times: Oral Care Revamped With 'hello' Products

Couples rejoice! No more fighting over "why do you always squeeze the toothpaste tube from the top?" (divorce lawyers say it usually all starts in the bathroom!) No matter your squeezing habits (toothpaste-wise!), you can rest easy about one thing - your toothpaste will always look good as new! Thanks to hello Products' new seriously friendly oral care line!

I recently got a chance to sample the oral care products line from hello products and I am so impressed with their beautiful, modern design! These products are designed by BMW DesignworksUSA (yes, that BMW), and they look so beautiful you won’t want to hide them in your medicine cabinet! Not only they look great, these products are made with natural ingredients - they don't contain any harsh chemicals, dyes or alcohol (well, it is good news, at least before noon!) and mouthwash doesn't burn! *high five*
For me, bathroom is my 'I-see-it-first-thing-in-the-morning-I-better-keep-it-neat' space, and I like to keep it simple and clutter free to give that zen like feeling. The oral care line of hello products assists me in achieving that goal! The mouthwash bottle doesn't intimidate, toothpaste 'tube' looks luxurious, breath sprays look friendly and the toothbrush is the epitome of sleek, simple design! And the pretty colors cheer you to start the morning with a smile!

hello products are available in Target and Walgreens and if you are in NY area like me, check out the friendly Duane Reade for these friendly products! You can get a coupon to save money (such a friendly gesture by hello!) by visiting their Facebook Page!

For a friendly(ier) bathroom, check out hello products line of oral care and for daily dose of style delights, connect with me on
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* This post is sponsored by hello™, but all opinions are 100% mine.
** top image by Mark Parisi via


  1. This is super cool, I think it would be much easier for both adults and children too :) Super x

  2. super cool
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  3. lovely! :)
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  4. WOW..that's one cool tube.

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  5. They seem very good! I'd love to try them too!:) Kisses dear, happy Monday! xo

  6. Sounds good.

  7. Hello products sound super cool and you're right, they have super sleek designs! WIN. :)

    P.S. Thanks for following my blog and I'm following back. It would be so awesome if you'd follow me on Twitter and Facebook as well!

    - B

  8. This looks great, not sure if I could get used to a new flavor though, hmm. The design is a sure win though

    Thank you for the lovely comment :)

  9. looks cool

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