Style-Delights: Quick Celebrity Pregnancy Weight Loss Distorting Our Reality??

April 7, 2012

Quick Celebrity Pregnancy Weight Loss Distorting Our Reality??

Before I say something about celebrity moms' weight gain and weight loss, I want to clear 2 things -
1. I am a fitness enthusiast. I feel good about working out, respect people who exercise and eat right, and maintain a healthy weight (whatever that number is for their body!) So I have nothing against people who focus on keeping fit. I am all for it!
2. This post is not about regular weight loss and the reality of it, it is about new mothers losing pregnancy weight.
Now where was I? Yes, celebrity new-mom weight loss and the reality new-mom weight loss! Before I go any further - just look at these images!
Jessica Alba just months after having a baby

Kate Hudson slim again very soon!

Miranda Kerr mere months after  having her son

Heidi Klum walked the Victoria's secret Runway after only 8 weeks of giving birth!
Beyoncé just after 4 weeks of having her daughter,  Jessica Alba 4 months after having her second baby!
Now I know these women depend on looking a certain way, having to conform to industry requirements of the body image and they have the means and resources to get in shape without sacrificing much. But when we see images like these all around, somehow their weight loss timeline and style becomes the norm! (talk about pressure on sleep deprived, tired and overwhelmed new mothers who may not have personal chefs and trainers!) There are people who can lose weight easily, some have better metabolism, and some really can work out and eat right with military discipline, but in all practicality, it is almost impossible for an average new mother to look like Beyoncé or Miranda Kerr or Jessica Alba mere weeks after having a baby! It took me almost 8 months to lose those 40 extra pounds I had gained during my pregnancy! (You can read my weight loss story here
In India, we are not a particularly fitness obsessed society. In fact up until last decade, there was a concept of "being too thin' and curvy body meant you are happy and prosperous in life!! So when Indian media and blogosphere went beserk over the weight gain of one of India's biggest celebrities and Bollywood star, it made me really think!! Indian actress and former Miss world (whom Oprah also believed to one of the most beautiful women on Earth) gave birth in November 2011. She seems to be a non-celebrity and an everyday woman when it comes to losing baby weight and people don't seem to grasp this!!
Cut her some slack! She looks beautiful still!

Before - Movie start; After - A woman who gave birth mere 4 months ago. I say,  images are about right!
For them the incredible, almost magical time line of re-gaining the pre-baby body of most celebrities has become so normal that when they see Aishwarya unable to don a bikini after 4 weeks of birth, they are confused!! She is being commented on, even ridiculed and taunted for being 'fat' now! I want her to be fit again and may be go back to her pre-baby weight but I'd give her at least 8 months (that I took) before I offer her a subscription to Jenny Craig!
Do you think the magical weight loss of celebrity moms sometimes distorts our perception of fitness and pregnancy weight loss?
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  1. Oh yes! My friends say you need to work out right away after having a baby to lose te baby weight but not everyone has the luxury to do that and not everyone has the gene that doesn't make the too big when they get pregnant. Love this post!


  2. We as a society have become so distorted on that fine line between celebs reality and our reality. I agree leave Aishwarya alone and let her get to her healthy weight when she is ready. Everyone's body celeb or not is different. great post! xo

  3. I can't agree more..Celebrity are always considered as role model when it comes to weight and being fit. Am sure they have all means and resources dispensable contrary to normal human being who has to go-through strict regime of months to acheive such targets. It's all phase of life and should be taken normal rather then pumping out all fat in day and start walking in bikini ..Good post :)


  4. Really like your blog!
    A wonderful post!

    Have you got an account in instagram?
    If yes, write me your name!

  5. i'm a for was a fun post..i like looking at before and after pictures..haha

    new post up on my blog..^__^

    Elegance stylized

  6. Before I gave birth to my son I thought it would be fairly easy to lose the baby weight....boy was I wrong!

  7. I agree with's incredible!!

    Great post!!!



  8. I totally agree on this.In fact i find it kind of cool that she is not going mad in order to lose weight.All in good time.people please let her enjoy her motherhood!!!

  9. this is a great post! i loved how you put images side by side to compare. makes this post interesting and compelling.

  10. You know, I had a fairly easy time losing the pregnancy weight, in part because I breastfed my children. But, we are given mixed messages about this too. Some women breastfeed because it is most convenient for them and good for the child; others don't sometimes out of concern for their appearance later in life. This is a post that made me think!

  11. I think we are as society obsessed with something what isn't in human nature- be forever young , thin , slim . Good point is when you say about India , I am from Serbia . Different cultures/traditions bring different values which is good . Former Miss World is beautiful .Celeb moms give sometimes wrong picture to other people . They have more options and more money to pay on weight loose treatments . I am afraid that most of women can't afford that things.Also when we see every day on cover of magazines slim girls , story goes in next direction . I support working out , but I think woman who gave birth recently should enjoy in first days with her newborn instead to care about weight.

  12. This oneupwomanship in losing weight after childbirth is alarming!! It's bad enough that celebrity women in their 60s look 30 (or a ghoulish 20), but being a new mother AND having to freak about weight loss is just too much!

    Is this an urban myth: I heard that you can schedule a tummy tuck at the same time you go in for your Caesarean birth. Please tell me this is not true! If it's not, I hope I haven't given anyone a terrible idea.

  13. totally agree with you! Aishwarya still looks beautiful and she is just normal...

  14. We agree with you. Let's give the lady a break!

  15. Losing weight is another thing when u r pregnant.
    But she was fat before her pregnancy also.....

  16. She deserves to have a normal post pregnancy too! Most women don't even lose that wait for years so why can't we just let her take her own time and do it naturally and in a healthy way!

  17. Completely agree: Aishwarya is a great role model, mosr new mum's have slightly different priorities than hitting the gym straight away!

  18. I'm stunned at how they do it so quickly.. It depends on your metabolism, right! but you need a strong will power and self-control.. like really!!!!!! Hats off to these ladies :) I eat right but being a big foodie I can't stop but to hog on food-ice cream and chocolates..once a while.. But I haven't had junk food for like 4 months and ice cream or chocolates for 2months.. so I'm doing good :D :D

    i want Ash to get fit too!! :\

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog hon <3

    New post is up- Change is Inevitable
    Hope you like it :)


  19. Thanks for your comment on my blog, you're welcome whenever you want
    I love so much your blog, so I follow you, and I hope you follow me back.

    Sweet kisses from Spain

  20. Well they are stars, they're not really human !!!

  21. I don't exactly like Ash,before or after pregnancy doesn't matter, because the Natural beauty we see in her isn't really all natural I read.
    But I'll say this that no one else has any right to pressure the celeb-moms on these issues just because they are celebs. Ash is doing it right not jumping onto any crazy weight-loss train or going under the knife, she is giving herself some time and most certainly she must be doing everything right to lose the weight in a healthy way.

    In fact, media should applaud her honesty for still making media appearances instead of hiding away from them. She sure isn't ashamed of her mommy-weight, then why the hell media should bother, unless she is donning a bikini in her current avatar.
    Nice post!

  22. ahh I totally agree with u.. I guess the Indian media is too much obsessed with WEIGHT !! First it was for Kareena and now even the new mom Aish is not spared !! Why don't they let them be for once??

  23. It's disturbing how misleading all this is compounded with the existent body images issues in society. Of course you are being very polite and politically correct in saying that these celebrities only use personal cooks and trainers! haha! we all know there's a lot more (read liposuction etc) that goes on there!

  24. Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog :)
    I am now following you on twitter, facebook and gfc and would love you to do the same for me!!/SequinCinderela

  25. I took me one and a half year to go back to shape after pregnancy, I have learned that some celebs are having a sort of liposuction together wit the c-section. That would explain their perfect bodies only weeks after pregnancy!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  26. Yes, I agree with you -conforming to media standards of post pregnancy weight loss is nothing but foolish. Why only celebrities and the entertainment industry in the west ? Today even in India, non-celebrities and common man and woman are also subconsciously conforming to such unnatural standards of superfast unhealthy weight loss.
    Thank God that we know better!

  27. I wish I can look like my body before I got pregnant; its just so theres no guidelines; no right focus where to workout and so on;

  28. Aishwaryi is beautiful no matter what her size. This post makes me sad because very few people can lose the pregnancy weight within 4 weeks after having a baby. It's not realistic! I would say that because she has the funds for a personal chef and personal trainer she could probably lose the weight the faster but that doesn't mean she should feel the pressure to hire the staff to help her lose the weight super fast.

  29. Everyone of us has different metabolism rates and how I wish I were back to weight that I was 7 years ago. Sigh!

  30. i think its highly unnatural for a regular woman to lose weight that fats and so its a bad so happy that Ash is doing natural.....

  31. I thought this was a great article! I definitely think that post-pregnancy weight-loss among celebrities puts a bit of a distorted lens on the whole thing for non-celeb moms. I'm completely in support of staying fit & being as healthy as possible, but shouldn't the main focus be on the new child as opposed to personal rapid weight-loss?

    Well written :)

    <3 Shawna
    Serpentine Streets

  32. Indeed! Celebs are sending the wrong signal! I'm hinting a lot to hubby not to expect me to get back in shape (too soon) after giving birth haha!

  33. Hi dear! I love your blog :o)! I'm following you now. Anyway I have baby and I was after 1month!!! on my weight and I didn't do any kind of work out - I couldn't, because I had the cut and not natural birth, because of very dangerous complication of life. I had 15kg more! BUT I was breast fedding for 3months - the best burn of calories and than I still walked outside with my baby in pram and drink a lot of water. Other thing is to be very positive and not lazy!!! You don't need to be VIP for to be healthy and slim, but you have TO WANT this. I don't have time for to go in Fit. centre, but I do exercise every second day 20min. at home and I'm like before pregnancy :o). See you soon. Xoxo V.V.

  34. I absolutely adore this post, because there is such distortion of weight loss and beauty by the media, and there should be way more discernment among us mass media consumers about these issues! Thanks for this, lovely lady:) x

  35. I totally agree with you. why cant we be normal and give young mothers a break. It took me almost 10 months to lose my weight.

  36. I totally agree and why not leave Aishwarya alone? She probably wants to take care of her baby now and not worry about getting thin!

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