Style-Delights: Things A Woman Should Always Carry In Her Bag!

January 26, 2012

Things A Woman Should Always Carry In Her Bag!

You can tell a lot about a woman by looking at the contents of her handbag. What she carries in her bag tells her story. I say give the same bag to 10 women and they will customize it in a way that each bag will look unique - from the inside! A mom's handbag looks totally different than a single girl's, a traveling professional carries whole different set of things in her bag than a work-in-an-office woman. But whatever our lifestyles are, there are certain things we all need in our bags to carry us through the day! In my opinion there are six categories of things we all need in our handbags -
  • Make up - Lipbalm, Mascara, Face powder - for a 2 minute makeover to put a fresh face forward!
  • Clean up - Wet wipes, Hand sanitizer - to deal with any messy situation
  • Freshen up - A travel size perfume spritzer, breath mints - to be ready to enter any room with confidence
  • Connect up - A fully charged phone - No need to explain - we live in the phones!
  • Money up - At least $40 cash and your credit card - you know its always sunny.....
  • Ready up - Things for our feminine needs - remember that time when (ahem) your cycle went crazy and you-know-who came unannounced?
I asked some of my readers, who by the way are super stylish women, to spill the beans on their handbag contents and here is what they told in their own humorous style. You will be surprised how useful this info is!! In alphabetical order, here are the handbag secrets of Style Delights readers!

Jenna, NYC - Mom of 3 kids, blogger @ Mommy In Manhattan
"I always carry baby wipes, Mac Cremesheen Lip gloss, Jonathan Adler planner, kids' snacks, baby teether (for her little one), Downey travel size wrinkle release spray, Purell, Orbitz gum, NYC map, Mommy cards for playdates (from

Mrigakshi, New Delhi - Documentary Filmmaker
"I have oily skin so I always carry a powder compact, hand sanitizer, lipbalm/lipstick. 

Namrata, New Delhi - Journalist, NDTV India
"My bag is huge because I carry a lot of stuff - Make up (because she is on TV!), Kohl pencil, mascara, lipstick, perfume, MAC studio fix, sunglasses and a sanitary pad!"

Natasha, Evanston IL - Super mom of 3 kids 
"I always carry two diapers (universal mom thing), bottle of water, wallet, snacks, baby wipes, a little toy from McDonald's Happy Meal and my cell phone. I wish I had some feminine stuff - like hairbrush, lipstick, foundation and tickets to the best show in city!" 

Neetha, New York - Lawyer by profession, stay at home mom of 2 by choice 
"I always carry - Vanity mirror (To see me pretty face!)
Kleenex (To dab away anything I don’t like on my face)
Lipstick (For a gloss over when you need it)
Small make-up kit (ditto)
Facial wet wipes (the most ingenious thing discovered since sliced bread)
Pen/notebook (to jot down what I need hubby to buy after work)                                    Small perfume bottle (how I wish it was Joy)
Gum (to chew while waiting in traffic)"

Puja, Chicago  - Management Consultant - collecting airlines miles faster than Meryl Streep collects awards!
"These days my laptop bag is my purse. With 2 items limit in the cabin, I can only have my laptop bag and carry-on luggage with me.  No room for a fancy purse! So, here is my list -
Lip balm - MUST HAVE
Eye liner - this has recently become my MUST HAVE. Very convenient for instantly adding some life to my sleepy eyes. 
Breath Mints - Never know when your man gets in the mood!
A light black shawl - I get cold easily so helps to have an extra layer handy"

Supriya, Richmond VA - IT Professional (and my own Martha Stewart on speed dial - seriously, she has the most amazing ideas about style and decor)
" When I don't carry a big bag, I always keep my driving licence, credit card and a lip balm in my pocket! In a bag I carry these 3 things, my checkbook, a pair of tweezers and a little idol of Lord Ganesha."

Tweezers! Wrinkle release spray! Who would have thunk!! Did you notice how even in a little bitty purse women can carry everything but the kitchen sink -  we are so awesome!! 
What do you carry in your handbag??


  1. Whenever my bf picks up my bag he's horrified at how heavy it is, irrespective of the size ;-). Since I don't have small children anymore, the contents have changed however, when my second dd was little and I went back to work, there were times when I found a 'lost' pacifier in the bottom of my bag ... the joys. We women are amazing!!!!

  2. Facial wet wipes, lip balm and perfume bottle is the minimum, it is always too heavy even though I constantly struggle to cut down on the number of stuff I put there

  3. I always carry to much in my bag,it´s like an emergency case!
    xoxo Sabrina

  4. I never forget, small water bottle, hand sanitizer, sanitary pad, and some toffee or candy or gum to chew :) :) and money of course :) :)
    I do carry lip gloss and kohl when going to meet someone

  5. great post! I always have so much stuff in my bag!

  6. I have my bag down to a minimum of purse, camera, phone, keys, notebook and small makeup bag. No point carrying the world around with you.

  7. I'm with Sabrina, I carry a LOT in my bag. Everything from diapers and extra clothes for the wee one, to a little makeup, phone and wallet and cookie crumbs... and a whole lot in between.

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  8. great one! I carry alot of the same things. But I always have water bottle and gum!

    xo Nav

  9. Cute post! And this also makes me feel like a terrible woman since in general I don't carry much of this in my bag. I should probably start... And thanks for the comment on my blog. I've never heard anyone say they like the way I pose. I feel so awkward!

  10. Great post I was just thinking, of how I need to buy new perfume.
    and thanks for the money tip you never really think about it. will do from now on

  11. This sounds like my to-go travel bag. Good post. I think I carry some of these in my everyday bag w/ keys, mobile, charger, mascara, gloss, hand sanitizer, sometimes even flats! haha! :)

  12. Great post, I've just discovered your blog via IFB Links La Mode :)
    I also always carry a travel/handbag sized hand cream or body moisturiser, esp in winter because the weather makes my hands so dry!
    Meg xx

  13. I just found your blog via IFB as well :) I hardly wear makeup (strange for a style blogger I know) and usually my bag consists of my keys, wallet, phone and a small bottle of hand cream, a notebook and a sharpie and a camera,

  14. Great post...women are really so unique!

  15. I totally agree with these must haves, and I loved how you incorporated the quotes from some of your readers :)


    Tamara B.

  16. this is perfect...without these things in our bag, one wont be able to survive..

  17. I always carry lipgloss (cause I live in the tropics; so lipstick can sometimes look heavy on the face); mascara; facialwipes; handsanitizer; small bottle of bodylotion and bodymist; small bottle of perfume; gum; tampons and those sanitizer towelletes for when using public restrooms.

  18. I love perfume so much. This thing I can't live without on my bag! :)

    pheromone cologne

  19. The stuff women can place in their tinnie winnie handbags. It always blows my mind. From their beauty stuff to phones and cards, women should consider getting a handbag insurance these days to cover for the bag and all its belongings.

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