Style-Delights: Kushyfoot Fall 2013 Collection: A Treat For Your Feet

October 16, 2013

Kushyfoot Fall 2013 Collection: A Treat For Your Feet

Alright ladies, pay attention!! Today I am going to introduce a wonderful  brand I recently discovered - Kushyfoot makes tights, socks, foldable flats and all sort of socks accessories! As you all know, I love heels. I love the instant polish they give to my outfits and even boost the confidence to walk in a room with attitude:-) Unfortunately, high heels are not the most comfortable thing for our feet. That's why I love Kushyfoot  flats-on-the-go for days when I know I will be in my heels for long period of time. I can slip these lightweight foldable shoes in my bag and use it whenever I want to give my feet a break. If you wear heels for your work, these shoes a great accessory to keep in handy - you can slip them on during lunch time, or while commuting to-and-fro to office. I wore them during NY Fashion Week while rushing to the Fashion Week Venue in the subways, and right before Lincoln Center, I'd wear my 'evil' shoes! (LOL! Oh, the things we do for fashion!!)

 Kushyfoot Fall 2013 collection of microfiber tights is amazing for cold weather. You can show off your gorgeous gams and be warm at the same time! These tights come in many stylish patterns like ribbed, fishnet, and diamond and will be perfect to pair with pretty dresses during holiday parties! Kushyfoot shaping tights are certified as LYCRA beauty fabrics, and smooth out the tummy and elongate the legs while providing comfort, style and coverage. a sweater dress, Kushyfoot tights and ankle booties - my winter uniform, you bet!!
Kushyfoot also make foot and toe covers to wear under pumps and flats to keep your feet safe from blisters and corns. I specially love the knee high socks to wear with trousers or with boots. I am not a big socks with pump style, but these knee-highs looked really cool with plain pumps! For me, key to wear socks with pumps is to use the same color pumps to create a boot-like look!

For a limited time you can get 20% off on your order of $40 or more at Kushyfoot, and shipping is always free on all orders over $40!
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  1. Those are really great!! I could definitely use a pair at the end of the day & sometimes even during the day!! Super! Have a great day doll xx

  2. Love so much these flats :D

    Kiss ♥
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  3. Oh my gosh they are super cute and look stylish yet super comfy. I love the Leopard flats, a must have :-9


  4. Oh my my sooo comfy :)


  5. that's really nice shoes for women...they are so unique and looks comfortable !!

  6. that's soo lovely collection of Shoes for Girls ......nice post !!


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