Style-Delights: Best And Worst Dressed At 2013 Golden Globes Red Carpet

January 13, 2013

Best And Worst Dressed At 2013 Golden Globes Red Carpet

The start studded red carpet at 2013 Golden Globes saw the anticipated (lace, tulle, thigh high slits) unexpected (hello steel grey gowns!) classic red carpet glamour (the red hot gowns) and some pretty washed out styles (What happened Amy Adams!). Let's cut to the chase and start with the best dressed stars on the red carpet-
Best Dressed

Anne Hathaway - Anne Hathaway had a great night, not only as a winner on stage but as a winner on the red carpet. Her Chanel gown did justice to her svelte figure and pixie hair cut only added to the sleek charm of the gorgeous number.
Kate Hudson -  Kate looks amazing (but then, when does she not!) in a mod long sleeved, embroidered collared Alexander McQueen gown with beautiful details on the waist
Claire Danes - Consecutive Golden Globes win and consecutive red carpet 'best' for Danes. She stole the show with her red hot Versace gown. Two thumbs up for prefect hair and makeup too! 

Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson, Claire Danes at 2013 Golden Globes Red Carpet
Best Dressed

Emily Blunt - The golden beauty looks statuesque in Michael Kors gown and deep rose earrings. 
Amanda Seyfried - The custom Givenchy gown in blush does justice to Amanda's ethereal beauty. The simplicity of the gown makes it a winner on the Globes red carpet
Shaun Robinson - Access Hollywood's Shaun Robinson is au currant with the color trend for 2013 - with the emerald gown that fits her like a glove.

Emily Blunt, Shaun Robinson, Amanda Seyfried at 2013 Golden Globes Red Carpet
Best Dressed

Julianne Hough in a frothy Monique Lhuillier gown looks positively radiant, Jessica Alba can do no wrong (even when she does!) in beautiful coral-red Oscar da le Renta gown and some major bling on her neck! Kaley Cuoco stuck to the tried and tested (and successful) style of Zuhair Murad in this nude-blush gown.

Julianne Hough, Jessica Alba, Kaley Cuoco at 2013 Golden Globes Red Carpet
Best Dressed

Jennifer Garner (in a stunning Vivienne Westwood Haute Couture) gown makes it to the best dressed along with another Jennifer (Lawrence) who looked like a edgy princess in a Christian Dior Haute Couture red dress with ball gown skirt and bustier bodice. Isla Fisher was predictable but gorgeous nonetheless!

Isla Fisher, Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Lawrence at 2013 Golden Globes Red Carpet
Best Dressed
These three were beautiful dressed but something was off in each of their styles for me! I can't put a finger on it, but for now i'll keep them in best dressed!
Carla Gugino, Marion Cotillard, Zooey Deschanel at 2013 Golden Globes Red Carpet
 Worst Dressed
Morena Baccarin is not the worst here, only because this gown had promise. If only the bottom was not dyed or it didn't have the embroider front panel with all the pleats! Eva Longoria also joins the worst dressed crowd with her awkwardly slit gown. Cleavage or thigh - pick one Eva! Rachel Weisz may have the James Bond, but she surely is in need of a stylist. Her outfit started as a sheer gown but by the time it was done it got confused between a cocktail dress or a red carpet gown and it ended up looking like a haphazardly put together ensemble that was saved only by sheer grace of Weisz. 
Morena Baccarin, Eva Longoria, Rachel Weisz at 2013 Golden Globes Red Carpet
 Worst Dressed

I am not sure if Jessica Chastain was excited to win the globe or embarrassed to have her washed out ill fitting gown and her horrendous hair style get the spot light. Talk about having a bad hair day! It looked like she shaved her hair line for an upcoming role! Lena Dunham was totally uncomfortable and visibly awkward in her beautiful gown. It was not a match made in red carpet heaven. Her walk on the stage showed one has to wear high heels at least once before going on stage on national TV - waddle walk award anyone? 
Another washed out style on red carpet belonged to Amy Adams - what happened to deep colors that complimented her coloring in past red carpets?
Jessica Chastain, Amy Adams, Lena Dunham at 2013 Golden Globes Red Carpet
Worst Dressed
THE worst tonight for me was Jennifer Lopez - not because she was wearing a lace gown discarded by an ice skater for her final performance but because we were expecting so much better from her. Debra Messing  made a total mess when she decided  to make a red carpet gown by ruched curtains of an outdoor wedding tent.
Debra Messing, Jennifer Lopez at 2013 Golden Globes Red Carpet
The highlight for me was the part when Amy and Tina were hosting! They show that you don't need cuss words to be funny!
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  1. It's Jullianne Hough who has stand out. Her outfit is somethng i would like to wear in event like this. It looks awesome as it's not revealing and just too gorgeous as well. nice post.

  2. Oh wow, the lovely and gorgeous Anne Hathaway does it again. I swear, that woman never looks bad.

  3. amazing dresses!!!! kisses

  4. I'm so disappointed to see that neither Elie Saab nor Marchesa put out winners this year.. *sigh* BUT well done to Kayley Cuoco - she's hit something this time!!

    1. I agree! I was looking forward to it, may be Oscars red carpet will see Ellie Saab and Marchesa stunners!

  5. I can't believe it how it's possible that Jessica Alba always looks so pretty :)

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  6. This is awesome! While I don't agree on everything, it's so fun to compare notes. I love Rachel's sheer dress and thought Anne Hathaway's dress was baggy on her. But all in, the red carpet was wonderful!

  7. I like almost all of your pics. My absolute favorite which no one seems to like was Michelle Dockery. And Jessica Chastain? Talk about saggy boobs! What a terrible look.

  8. Hi Jyoti! I have to say that this year I like many looks! My fav was Kate Hudson and also Rosie Huntington Whiteley! Thanks for sharing dear! Kisses and happy week ahead!:*

  9. I love red carpet recaps! I don't agree on eeeeeverything (I wasn't a big fan of Anne Hathaway's look and I LOVE her) but there's one thing that I am so totally with you on: J. Lo. She looked like she and Caspar were experimenting with body pain before the show and she forgot to put on her dress.

  10. I was a fan of Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Alba. I actually liked Amy Adams gown, it looked sweet and delicate.

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  11. Anna Hathway is looking so pretty in white i just love her dress..

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