Style-Delights: Wish List For Summer - Jump Suit

June 22, 2011

Wish List For Summer - Jump Suit

As I prepare to move to NY, I have started packing and therefore have an opportunity to see EACH and EVERY item in my closet -  the basics, the essentials, the mix n' match pieces, the forgottens,  and 'totally needed' things! and while I am sorthing clothes, cataloging the pieces, I realize -the one thing I have never owned is a Jump Suit!

I love it on the celebrities, on the streets, in the magazines, but never found a jump suit that flattered my frame. Although I am somewhat lanky and I am tall (the supposedly jump-suit friendly frame), I never found the one jumpsuit I really loved. So this summer, I am planning to own a jumpsuit and really OWN the jumpsuit!
Wish me luck finding the one:-)

Here are some jump suites I liked, hopefully one of these will fit and flatter me! 

Time to go shopping in NYC!:-)


  1. good luck on your jumpsuit mission!!!
    i love jumpsuits i think that they easily can translate from day to evening!!

  2. Yes! I think every girl should go out and buy one!! They are so daring and stylish..



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