Style-Delights: Eyewear Trend 2018: Go Narrow & Go Retro

January 30, 2018

Eyewear Trend 2018: Go Narrow & Go Retro

Ever since Kanye West instructed Kim to 'let go of oversized sunnies and wear the tiny glasses (because that's what everybody in 2018 will be wearing!)', celebrities, retailers and designers alike seem to get on the tiny, narrow sunglasses. I like the oversized glasses on my face and can't imagine pulling the narrow rectangle shape or futuristic looking tiny straight glasses, but I am really drawn to the retro-inspired narrow cat eye trend too. From Gigi Hadid's red cat eye to Roxy Sowlaty's lucite cat eyes in slim and narrow style, I think I might give it a go and see if I can pull this trend off on my big face:-)
Here are some of my favorite narrow cat eye sunglasses on every budget.

What is your take on this hottest trend? Yay or nay?
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