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February 11, 2015

Movie Review: Fifty Shades Of Grey

Fifty Shades Movie Review, Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie Review
(My impression of the movie from the early screening of the movie in New York)

First a word to all those critics who are labeling it as 'mommy porn' (and implying that 'housewives' and 'moms' should be ashamed to like this movie!) - it is as much a mommy porn as the story-of- a-super hero-saving-the-world-from-the-greatest threat (with guns, gadgets and dynamite) is a daddy porn! I mean come on! It is a fantasy! The story of a simple, innocent, girl-next-door meeting a sexy, handsome billionaire, with a fleet of luxury cars, private jet, and helicopter, who is a God between the sheets and plays piano AND he is little bit damaged and broken (that only she can heal!) - if it is not the ultimate female fantasy, I don't know what is! It is Cinderella 2015, with an eye mask and a braided leather flogger!
Some critics are wondering why women (world over) are so interested in Christian Grey? Well, it is no secret that women are often attracted to a take-charge, confident, alpha male (I know, I am married to one!) and Christian Grey is the very definition of alpha (with a six pack!). So...

And I say this as someone who actually didn't like the book this movie is based on! Here is a little context as to where I am coming from. I first heard about the Fifty Shades Of Grey trilogy on a Saturday Night Live skit. Ofcourse, I was intrigued! So I borrowed the e-book from my library and read it. All three of them.  BUT I really didn't like the books. I found writing to be atrocious and thought that the first book was specially very difficult to read, purely on the basis of the way narration went. I liked the premise, the set up of the characters and thought it could have been a good love story, only if the writer bothered not to publish the very first draft! It was like a pretty fabric that you love, cut into a bad dress pattern that you hate! What do you do - can't wear it but don't have the heart to throw it out either! I thought that even I could edit and re-write it to make a better book! That is why when I heard they are going to make it into a movie with people who have much better credentials than I do, I WAS HOPEFUL! Last week, just by chance, I got a ticket to see this movie a full week ahead of time when NBC Universal had a special early screening in New York! And let me tell you, director Sam Taylor Johnson with the help of script writer Kelly Marcel has magically carved out that intense love story hidden in somewhere under all that fluff in that blob of a book! The tawdry, smut is almost gone to make way for a 'relationship'! Here are my thoughts -

The Cast - Jamie Dornan is almost perfect as enigmatic, brooding, richer than Croesus Mr Grey. Some critics are saying he is too stiff (no pun intended) in the movie, but IMO, it is the way his role is written in the first book. There are scenes he feels aloof and less engaged, but it is the nature of his character as well and  he truly plays the part. In the book he comes across as stalker-ish and sometimes little creepy, but in the movie, the script shaves off some of his obsessive, control freak part of the character and he is much more believable. He conveys his angst and emotional conflict with the steely gaze and hot damn he is the 'epitome of male beauty' as Ms James had us believed! (between you and me ladies, I don't want to give away the spoilers, but you might need to brace yourself when Mr Grey's buff posterior makes an appearance!)
As much as swoon-inducing Jamie is in the movie, I think the true star of the movie is Dakota Johnson who brings Ana to life with an emotional, sensible and relatable way. In the book, the odd 'inner goddess' dialogues and unlimited 'Holy Crap/Jeez' made Ana one dimensional and sometimes even weak, but Dakota gives Ana the backbone most readers wanted when they read the books! She is funny, charming and her transformation from a timid, virginal college graduate to the sassy, sophisticated woman who charms the controlling Mr Grey is pure joy to watch!

The Chemistry - Some early media reports suggested that Jamie and Dakota might not even like each other in real life and they may lack the chemistry on screen. I say utter (holy) crap! They both have a great chemistry and spark! The back and forth banter between them is one of the best parts of the movie!

The Humor - You will laugh aloud in the movie. Mainly because of Dakota. Her 'drunk dialing Christian' scene (readers would know!) made the audience laugh and giggle collectively!

The Love (and SEX!) - Once again, you might need to fan your face! The 'vanilla' and BDSM sex scenes, both are shot beautifully and tastefully, yet they are HOT! Although bondage scenes may feel little 'uncomfortable' if separated from the narrative of the story (which is not explained in the first book, but it was explained in the second book)

Interestingly the movie is very close to the spirit of the book, yet totally fresh and has so much better script!  The funny part is - you will enjoy the movie more if you have read the books - and will have a better appreciation for the scriptwriter and director for their transformation of the book! So, if you are a fan of the books, you will surely love the movie, and if like me, you were not crazy about the books - you will love the movie even more!
Gone with the wind, it is not, but it is a fun, sexy romp, fit to see with your significant other or with a giggling group of girlfriends! 
Oh, BTW, it definitely leaves the room for a sequel! And I strongly wish this time Sam Taylor Johnson gets even more freedom to 'better' the books and EL James doesn't restrict the process!

Before I sign off, here is a little primer (for those who have not read the books - good for you!) as to what to expect from Fifty Shades!

Laters baby!

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  1. The trailer looks really good!! Ahh so want to watch it

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  2. Love reading your view on the movie and book.

  3. Very well written review! I'm totally looking forward to this movie.

  4. Thanks for sharing your review - I plan to see the movie! I think it will be fun (:

    - Deniz

  5. The movie did a great job of adapting the book to screen, while injecting its own style into the story.

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